The Training

This training is the colliding of two wings.

The one wing is the development of all our female qualities:

Following our intuition, softness, creating from the core, learning to receive, collaborating from a place of integrity and equality, serve a bigger purpose, and most of all trusting your gut feeling. 

On the other wing we are going to develop and use qualities that are mainly known as being "male": Setting goals, writing a businessplan, marketing, taking steps, building a website, promoting your business, sorting out your dream financially,... 


This course focusses on women who want to change their life, either if they know in what direction or not! 

You will be guided to develop and clarify your goal. You'll earn how to make contact with inspiration from the spiritual world, and form it to a practical business. 

Both wings, male and female, will be collided in this course, within ourselves and in the world outside. 

All of this will happen in a training over 9 months, related to a pregnancy period, where we grow our idea until we are ready to bring it in to the world. One training is a spiral of 9 months. 
Every participant will have her own unique dream developing, but we monthly gather the circle of women. This group gathering is important; it will function as a holding space. During this training a sisterhood bond will be cultivated and we will find support with other women, which is essential! 
You engage in this journey for a period of 9 months, 1 day per month in group, to sustain the circle, to stay inspired and supported.

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