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The Training

This training is the colliding of our two wings.

One wing symbolises the development of our female qualities: developing and learning to trust our intuition, creating from the core, learning to receive, to listen, to be mild, to collaborate from a place of integrity and equality, to serve a bigger purpose, and most of all: to trust your feelings. 

The other wing symbolises the development of our masculine power: setting goals, writing a businessplan, taking the necessary steps, building a website, promoting our business, being visible on social media, and everything that is necessary to really realise our dream financially,... 


Women who'd like to change their life, either if they know in what direction or not, will be guided to develop and clarify their goal. They'll learn how to listen to their inner voice, to build a permanent link with this whispering voice and to transform their ideas into a practical business in the material world.

Both wings will be connected in the heart, from where Wing-Women will live and work.

All this will happen in the 9 months WWW-training, related to a pregnancy period, where we grow our concept until we are ready to bring it in to the world. Each training is a spiral of 9 months. 


You engage in this journey for a period of 9 months, 1 day per month, in group, to sustain the circle, to stay inspired and supported. Although each participant has her own unique dream and walks her own unique path, the so-called 'power of the circle' is very important. During the training we share the same sort of dreams & fears, and in this safe space we can share our stories and challenges with our sisters who will understand and support us. With each monthly gatherings in the circle of women we will feel this sisterhood bond grow and become more intense.

You will learn how to gain inner guidance,
how you can be inspired from the other side

to receive the right messages and insights about what lies ahead for you
and how you can get started with it
to really manifest and realize!

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