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About me

. S A B I N E   S C H O W A N E K .

Modern Ritualist and Female Entrepreneur.

Founder and owner of 't Verstand van Leven and trainer at Women With Wings.

Sabine offers her spiritual feminin leadership and knowledge as guide for women who want to step into their power, find their purpose in life and want to walk their path.


She has the ability and life experience to teach during her trainings how to be inspired about the goals in your life and to combine this with business/marketing know-how.

10 years after writing her own businessplan and succesfully achieving her dream, she is now giving wings to other women and share with them her unique combination of skills. 

For a few years now, she has been guiding Women With Wings groups, combining her unique skill of guiding women's circles, telling myths and stories, and the power of initiation with her professional background of modern marketing and multimedia techniques.

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