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Women With Wings

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Your desire to spread your wings and share with the world what you have to offer
I know very well. 

And the support you need

to actually take steps
and bring your soul desire into the world, 

I can offer that to you.

Sabine Schowanek

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Whether you already know exactly what you want or not,

 together we bring your soul mission
to the surface
and on Earth.

Do the Universe 

a favour.
Don't hide

The Training

Women With Wings is a training for women who feel the call to explore something else or to do something new.

. A 9 month training.
. Monthly meetings in one Women's circle: 8 Saturdays + 1 weekend
. OR: Online Training: Monthly Online Program .
. Weekly guidance in individual sessions.

.  To Discover Your Soul Purpose.
. To get the guidance you need to make it happen.

. You develop 2 wings: 1 connected to the Earth world, 1 to the Star world . 
. A combination of Ancient Wisdom, the Sacral Feminine and Modern Marketing . 
. You learn to fulfill your Mission Powerfully and directly from your Heart. 
. Healing/Reading/Channeling to support your inner journey.
. This workout will give you Wings! . 



Woman with Wings was an opening for me to my true nature as a woman. Being able to cherish our femininity and the feeling of being able to stand fully in the male society gave me a deep self-confidence. Being able to fulfill your true desires and your true nature was a deep and rewarding experience for me. And being able to discover and share that together creates a warm bond among women…

G.C. - Horebeke

Lady Sabine,

 What particularly touched me  is your openness, transparency, sincerity about yourself, so spontaneous and no frills.

I feel so much gratitude and respect for the growth opportunities, the opportunities, the challenges, …

It now fully dawns on me that my eyes have been watching me continuously for the past year

wanted to give the message that you, Sabine,
puts it so forcefully:
take care of yourself!

V.C. - De Pinte

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